Sweco uses Inclus for a wide range of use-cases

Sweco is a leading expert in the built environment and industry, with a mission to develop future cities and a more sustainable society. Sweco’s branch for project and construction management has actively collaborated with Inclus since 2017. 

“We have committed to a long-term co-operation with Inclus within strategy work, risk management, and developing participatory decision-making" says Jukka Rautiainen from Sweco’s Logistics services team. Inclus’ tools and collaborative features are comprehensively used by Sweco in both internal processes and customer projects. 

A new co-operation analysis is the latest addition to Sweco’s repertory of continuous Inclus processes. “We wanted to find out how our organization’s units, teams and personnel interact with each other. We got excited when we discovered that the analysis would be possible to implement with an already existing tool” says Rautiainen. 

Internal co-operation mapping with Inclus 

Some 200 persons from various Sweco units and teams took part in the co-operation mapping process. In the Inclus assessment questionnaire the participants were asked how frequently they interact with their colleagues. Inclus’ visualizations then made it easy to see how the teams’ internal and external day-to-day interactions look. 

“The co-operation analysis gave us a complete picture of how we interact and work together as an organization. It was easy to find clusters, linkers, and the most active interactors. We were able to identify bottlenecks in the mapped co-operation network, that we then set out to solve” Rautiainen talks about the analysis results. Inclus is also used for planning and prioritizing the actions to be made. 

Co-operation map created with Inclus
Image: The co-operation map visualizes how people interact between each other

The co-operation mapping process will be repeated regularly. Implementing the analysis as a continuous process is straightforward, and previous data is stored in the system. “Managing a continuous process with Inclus is simple and effective. It is important that we have access to all our assessment data, and that it can be reviewed and analysed from various perspectives” Rautiainen concludes. 

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