The digitalisation of risk management in building projects with Inclus

AINS Group is a Finnish engineering and consulting company that helps its customers to succeed in building projects. A team of over 700 experts work in projects in the fields of construction management, structural engineering, and infrastructure construction in 10 locations around Finland, as well as internationally.

In 2019, AINS Group and Inclus started a long-term cooperation aiming to digitalise the entire risk management of AINS Group's building projects.

Previously, our risk management documentation was mainly carried out using Excel. The collection and transfer of data between instruments, for instance from a Post-it note mess into Excel, was difficult. It was challenging to form an overall picture and prioritise the operations required to push ahead with the project.

With Inclus, AINS Group hoped to increase their risk management efficiency by focusing all their data into the same location, where it would be visualised and stored from workshop to workshop. Another objective for the future was to utilise a consistent risk management process in all the company's projects.

We began our co-operation by testing Inclus in our facilitative workshops. We got good results and positive feedback from the participants. The workshops were faster than earlier and had a different focus, since the risks had already been identified and pre-assessed before the workshop using Inclus. We saved a lot of time and were able to streamline our processes. Using Inclus we were able to move quicker from words to action.

As the cooperation progressed a challenge concerning the processing of risk data was discovered. The challenge of how to get Inclus to serve the needs of AINS Group through their entire project flow and in different workshops also came up.

Our customers’ feedback on Inclus has been positive. When presenting visualised risk assessments to our customers, they quickly got a clear overview of the risk situation. The tool steers participants to success in their tasks and encourages people to participate in operations with ease. Thanks to Inclus, risk data flows throughout the project and, when necessary, is followed by action.


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