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Sweco is Europe's leading expert company in design and consulting, employing 17,000 people around the world. Sweco’s experts design the cities of tomorrow, as well as a more sustainable society, in over 70 countries. As a result of their work, safe and healthy buildings, efficient infrastructure, and sustainable energy and water management solutions are created.

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inclus for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inclus' tools in several different projects.

Inclus is versatile and compatible to multiple purposes. Over the years, we have utilised it in project goal definition, risk management, evaluation of cooperation, as well as in the decision-making process in general.

Sweco has several client projects, where they conduct plan assessments and comparisons of implementation options, as well as make decisions. The method previously used for this work was excessively time-consuming, and not transparent enough.

It is important for us to bring out the viewpoints of all the various operators in our projects. With the help of Inclus, we have managed to streamline our work and can now focus more on the essentials. We have been able to better authenticate the reliability of decision-making, as well as perform verification remotely. This way the process is less time-consuming, and the results are immediately visible.

At the early stages of a project, it is important to create a shared vision on the project's objectives with the client. This definition of objectives is often the most critical stage of the project. With Inclus, Sweco has managed to create systematics in this stage of operations.

Previously, most project interruptions took place during the delicate early stages of the project, as the client realised that we necessarily were not on the same page concerning the objectives, or that more detailed information should be collected for the start. Inclus has helped us to define the objectives for the project, go through subsystems, and identify variables. We are able to participatively valuate the development areas in order of effectiveness or importance. Therefore, we have been able to focus on the most critical matters right away.

The cooperation between Inclus and Sweco has run smoothly from the beginning. Inclus has been able to easily adjust the Inclus tool to meet the needs, and the technical support has been available whenever needed.

Throughout the cooperation, Inclus has been open to development ideas, and the desired features have quickly become a standard solution for the Inclus tool. Inclus has the courage to be a pioneer in operations where no one in the field has prior experience in.

Inclus has contributed in making Sweco’s projects more attractive to the participants, as well as getting people more committed to the projects. With the tool, we in Sweco can now focus on the essentials and verify the development significantly better than earlier.

We save time and money, as the processes created around the tool are standardised and frequently tested. Therefore, starting a new project also contains less risks, as we can predict the outcome more accurately. Thanks to Inclus, our company has earned a reputation as a forerunner, and our operations have gained more credibility and transparency.

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