"The world needs technological tools, with which to build common understanding between people."

Open positions


Juha Törmänen, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
Juha is the technical lead at Inclus closely interacting with customers. Juha is precise on the scientific solidity of the software he is coding – yet equally ambitious on the visual clarity of the user-interface. Beauty of practice making the Inclus software easy to use.

Mikaeli Langinvainio

Chief Executive Officer
Mikaeli serves all clients and takes care of running day to day operations with Inclus’ energetic and focused team. He is responsible for steering the company according to commonly planned and agreed strategy.

Valtteri Frantsi

Head of Customer Success
Valtteri serves all clients and is responsible for the Customer Team and client satisfaction. He has professional expertise in project management and analysis methods. He has specialized in evidence-based decision-making and policy evaluations.

Sami Kärnä, PhD

Sales Director
Sami´s main competence areas are project evaluation, KPI´s, and collaboration in the construction industry. In practice, he has developed e.g. project benchmarking tool and advanced method for measuring quality.

Joonas Rajamäki

Software Engineer
Joonas is pure mathematician turned software developer. He enjoys perfecting UX on the frontend side while also doing equal amounts of backend work.

Jesse Haakana

Sales Engineer
Jesse is happy to introduce you to Inclus and explore how our solution could help your risk management process.

Matias Sarvanne

Customer Success Specialist
Matias helps our customers to succeed in customer-specific projects and supports them in different stages of the customer relationship.

Jesper Nyström

Marketing Manager
Jesper takes care of our marketing activities. His responsibilities include brand development, increasing awareness, as well as creating meaningful content to our own digital channels.

Tiina Malinen

Software Engineer
Tiina is a software developer with a background in cultural and societal technology research. She wants to help Inclus craft a tool that is easy for humans to use and solves human needs.

Julia Saari

Software Engineer
Julia is a software developer with background in psychology and scientific research. Besides programming Julia specializes in human-computer interactions and also psycholinguistics.

Don Reid

Software Engineer
Don is a software developer with a background in manufacturing automation. He also has lengthy experience in operations and is passionate about security.

Yasmeen Eryani

Yasmeen provides Inclus’ with Arabic translation services and project support. Yasmeen is a social scientist with professional background in international development and project quality assurance.

Risto Siilasmaa

Risto is the founder and chairman of F-Secure and the former Chairman of Nokia and Elisa. Siilasmaa advises and supports Inclus on various topics, including strategy, production development and finance. His private investment fund, First Fellow Partners, invested in Inclus in 2020.

Mika Aalto

Mika advises Inclus and its clients on issues relating to strategy, service design, and demand creation. He has extensive expertise in management, marketing, management consulting, and SaaS business.

Markko Vaarnas

Markko advises Inclus in SaaS business development. Markko is a respected professional with a proven track record of supporting growth companies through his company Takeoff Partners. He has a strong expertise in both strategic planning and streamlining processes.

Yasar Qatarneh, PhD

Yasar has 20 years of experience within mediation and risk management. He has worked with many companies and governments in the region. He also has 10 of years of experience on working with Inclus' team on complex political processes.


Inclus is a company established with the desire to create common understanding in the rapidly changing world, and not just to make profitable business.

The story of Inclus began in the minds of the founders Mikaeli Langinvainio and Juha Törmänen, as they became acquainted when working for the Crisis Management Initiative peace mediation organisation founded by Martti Ahtisaari. With CMI, Mikaeli and Juha promoted peace negotiations in over ten countries.

Juha's background was in applied mathematics, and his passion was enhancing people’s understanding of multidimensional matters with mathematical- analytical tools. With Mikaeli’s background in social sciences and his vast experience in crisis management, he wanted to enhance common understanding between people. These conversations in international airports and cafés laid the foundations for Inclus and its motto: Building common understanding.

"We want to harness technology to help people better understand each other in this complex world."

Although originally designed for the needs of peace mediation, many companies have found the software and technology beneficial in their decision-making and risk management processes.

To date, Inclus' software and technology have been utilised in over 15 of the world’s most challenging conflict areas. The software has been in use in negotiations between direct conflict parties, i.a. in Iraq, Yemen, and Ukraine. In addition, it has been utilised in hundreds of decision-making situations and in risk management, both within and between companies. These companies represent various fields from the construction industry to public administration and ICT. Inclus' customers are, i.a. Skanska, Elisa, Sweco, Finnish Consulting Group (FCG), and AINS Group.

"Our goal is to create common understanding between people as fast and efficiently as possible."

Inclus' vision is to become the world’s leading technology house for building common understanding. In coming years, growth is pursued by productising the product for the Nordic countries and for the rest of the world.

"We wish to be a part of a future, where technology genuinely serves people, and not the other way around."

Founded in 2016

Over 1500 finished projects

Over 15 000 users

300 000 answers

15 international conflicts

Inclus is a trusted operator in peace brokering and their methods have been succesfully used in several conflicts (Jemen, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya etc.)

Scientifically researched methods

Our method development originates from the research done in Aalto University's Systems Analysis Laboratory

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