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Inclus is a modern, flexible, and intuitive tool that supports your risk management processes across multiple contents and use cases. Without needing to dive into excel sheets or compile disorganized questionnaire results, Inclus’ intuitive and systematic processes save time and focus on bringing value to you and your clients. It is easy to replicate the solution and provide it to multiple customers, reducing your workload and focusing on the client's needs.

Given the flexibility of the Inclus’ tools, it can be used across various use cases – from evaluation to decision making and risk management. Inclus’ specialized data visualization and risk management expertise is gained from our experience in conflict areas across the globe. Our simple online tools for risk management process saves your clients time, while strengthening the risk management culture of their organizations thanks to Inclus’ collaborative software. Inclus' participatory approach makes risk management an everyday, simple, interesting, and engaging process that is everyone’s concern: when participants are engaged, it’s much easier to collaborate and effectively plan and manage risk. When you consult widely and gather data from an active group of participants that are committed, the reliability of your decisions improves and has longer-lasting impacts. Furthermore, you can automate the collection of risk data from your customers (along with useful notifications for yourself) and develop strong processes, which are diligently followed up with ease.

Utilize Inclus to develop a high-quality risk management plan that is committed to across the board. Develop your own content within our software that can be sold alongside Inclus, including risk-registers, benchmarking data, and customized assessments. This scalable way of working can be replicated for multiple clients, offering cost-efficiency and continuing services built around SaaS products. You can use our ready-made templates or easily create your own, tailoring them to your clients' needs. You can also import risk lists from an Excel sheet to Inclus.

Inclus’ software is customizable and responsive, providing solutions that meet your company’s unique needs, whether that be server hosting or cloud access. With Inclus’ visual and concise presentation of data, your clients will return for more services.

Inclus is a versatile tool for consultants

  • Customer value visual and exact presentations.
  • Client companies are often very busy and Incluses' web browser based risk management software will save valuable time.
  • You can engage your customers easier and improve their risk management culture with Inclus' collaborative tools.
  • With Inclus you can create high quality risk management plans that your clients will commit to across the whole organization.
  • Quantify with Inclus and show your clients the added value you've created.
Project risk management

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Examples of our projects

The digitalisation of risk management in building projects with Inclus

With Inclus, AINS Group hoped to increase their risk management efficiency by focusing all their data into the same location, where it would be visualised and stored from workshop to workshop. Another objective for the future was to utilise a consistent risk management process in all the company's projects.

Transparency and reliability to decision making with Inclus

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inclus for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inclus' tools in several different projects.
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