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Inclus is a trusted service provider within the public sector. We provide numerous flexible solutions to support public organization's risk management, change leadership and development projects. Inclus helps to elevate your organization's capabilities in risk management and anticipation.

Develop anticipation and build trust

  • Within and across public sector agencies
  • Counties, cities, municipalities and other local authorities
  • Project teams in the public sector
  • Public and private organizations' cooperation (e.g. suppy chains and critical infrastructure)
  • Expert and science panels
  • With the public

For whom?

  • Organizations seeking to strengthen their risk management capabilities
  • Risk and crisis management professionals
  • Project leadership

What would strengthen your organization's resilience?

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Risk and vulnerability assessments

A streamlined process for national and regional risk and vulnerability assessments. Inclus' risk analyses can flexibly be adapted for example based on sectors and themes.

Project risk management

Risk analysis and risk management for projects and/or the entire project portfolio in the public sector. Succeeding with projects, i.e. remaining within budget and deadlines, requires effective risk management in different project phases, as well as getting the stakeholders committed to risk management.

Organization's risk management

Whatever the sector might be, organizations and municipalities, benefit from a comprehensive risk management process. It allows the organization to identify and manage both internal and external risks. Organizational risk management in Inclus is always adapted to your organizational structure and operational environment.

Scenario analysis

Plan and assess possible scenarios to improve your preparedness. Inclus helps to assess and analyze the probability and impact of determined scenarios.

Continuity management

Strengthen your organization's resilience with continuity management and by mapping interdependencies (critical infrastructure, supply chains and project interdependencies).

Capability assessments

Get a better understanding of your organization's real capabilities and effectiveness from different perspectives with Inclus' intuitive self-assessments.

Wide-ranging additional inclusive assessments

Inclus enables truly inclusive multi-criteria assessments. Thematic assessments to support decision-making can flexibly be made for example within political decision-making, investment decisions and prioritization.


Why Inclus?

  1. Elevate your organization's capabilities in risk management and preparedness with Inclus' streamlined inclusive process

  2. Strengthen your risk and crisis management through shared analysis and situational picture

  3. Increased stakeholder dialogue, engagement and knowledge

  4. Develop the awareness of risks, anticipation and planning within and across organizations, departments, and teams.

  5. Improve the reliability of analysis with an inclusive process

  6. Coordinate objectives, actions and preparedness

  7. Action plan accountability and monitoring

  8. Finding priorities and focus areas easier together

  9. Building common understanding

  10. Harness Inclus' automated data collection and innovative AI features to further improve the efficiency of the process

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Some of our use cases

Organization's risk management

Comprehensive enterprise risk management integrated into executive and strategy processes

Ponsse’s risk management process comprises a comprehensive annual risk assessment, and monitoring risks and mitigation measures. Additional risk assessments on different levels in the group are flexibly implemented in case of sudden changes in the business environment. Inclus is used to systematize the whole process and to include stakeholders throughout the risk management process.

Project risk management

Risk management, participatory decision-making, and efficient measurement of cooperation in alliance projects

The partnership between Skanska and Inclus began in 2017, and this cooperation has since covered three major construction projects. The first joint project was the Valtari alliance, after which was the Ahvenisto hospital project Assi, and the latest cooperation has been the OYS2030 Future hospital project of Oulu University Hospital.

Scenario analysis

Inclus’ visual tools provide critical insights for National Supply Emergency Agency and National Supply Emergency Organisation

Scenario work is at its best when it is a process rather than a single event so NESA wanted to start following the possible realisation of the five scenarios and the different change factors associated with them. For the follow up process, Inclus helped construct a questionnaire that allowed the monitoring of the five alternative scenarios, as well as the varying views that different societal sectors held regarding their likelihood and impact.

Capability assessments

Assessing capabilities related to impact targets

The ministry’s collaboration with Inclus began with the ministry’s need to assess the Finnish rescue sector’s capabilities in relation to the impact targets in their incident prevention action plan.

Additional inclusive assessments

Coordinating flying squirrel conservation and the forest owner’s land use objectives

Inclus’ role in Flying Squirrel LIFE has focused on the commercial forest sub-project that aimed to coordinate flying squirrel conservation and forest owners’ land use objectives. 

Three findings from the Kultaranta Talks 2020 on the impacts of COVID-19

Inclus was trusted to facilitate Kultaranta Talks 2020 hosted by the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. The virtual working groups, led by Risto Siilasmaa, examined the major impacts of COVID-19 on the economy from various perspectives.

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