Introducing our new ebook: Ensuring Project Success with Inclusive Project Risk Management

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest ebook, ”Ensuring Project Success with Inclusive Project Risk Management.” The ebook is available as a free download at the bottom of this post.

Whether you’re involved in large-scale construction, building a nuclear power plant, an aircraft, or a sizable IT system, the project is inherently complex and will involve risks. Opportunities, too, such as technical or process innovations, or cost savings. 

In this ebook, we present an inclusive method to managing risks and opportunities in a complex project. What does ‘inclusive’ mean? It comes down to people; Involving stakeholders from early on and aligning their interests for the best project outcomes.

"This e-book has been written for project leaders, risk management professionals, architects, engineers, investors, and other stakeholders involved in complex, large scale projects. We will present, discuss, and showcase the merits of inclusive risk management and the strategies needed to effectively navigate risks in complex projects."
Mikaeli Langinvainio
CEO and Co-Founder, Inclus Ltd

What we will discuss in the ebook

1. Challenges of Complex Projects Risk Management

Be it communication, resourcing, inter-dependencies, or change management, the risks involved in a complex project take many shapes and forms.

2. Types of Complex Projects

Complex projects come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Examples include construction and infrastructure, industrial investments, development cooperation, geotechnical engineering, complex manufacturing, IT, and public administration.

3. The Power of Inclusion in Project Risk Management

Complex projects involve people with very different backgrounds, values hierarchy, personalities, and education. The interests of their organizations also vary, and tend to evolve over time. How to bring everyone on the same page and ensure a successful project outcome?

Involve your stakeholders, navigate risks, and lead your project to success

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