Inclus release 4.9 brings new task management features

Inclus Release 4.9

The Task Manager has been actively improved and tweaked after its initial release last year. Now, with Release 4.9, the Task Manager receives its biggest update to date.

It brings four major new features to the Task Manager: Gantt chart, Item owners, Task suggestions and Manual task reminders. The new features combined with other recent improvements contribute to a more complete Task Manager that allows you to easily manage and stay on top of your risk mitigation measures.

“Inclus 4.9 makes managing tasks more comprehensive and easier; now you can ask for task suggestions directly in your assessment questionnaires, send manual reminders to persons who are responsible for tasks, and view all your tasks on a visual timeline. Furthermore, assigning item owners helps persons responsible for individual risks to manage and delegate related tasks.” Juha Törmänen, CTO at Inclus, summarizes the new features.

Gantt chart for tasks

The Task Manager’s Gantt chart enables an alternative and more visual layout for viewing tasks, making it easier to get a complete overview of task timelines. In addition to being available in the Task Manager, the Gantt chart can also be added as a component in the visualizations page.

Item owners

The Item owner feature can be applied to enable assigning risk owners, i.e. a person who is responsible for an individual risk. An item owner in Inclus is able to create, assign and manage tasks related to the owned risk.

Task suggestions

It is now possible to gather task suggestions directly on the assessment questionnaire, saving you time in the next steps of the risk management process.

Manual task reminders

You can now easily send manual email reminders to task responsible persons and make batch edits in the Task manager. This allows you to take a proactive approach as an item owner or admin, and remind task responsible persons of not started tasks or approaching deadlines.

Additional updates

Indicator visualization: For those projects that are currently using indicators, it is now possible to add a new Indicator element in the Visualizations page to display the Indicator's data.

Quick switch tags: By naming item or task tags using a syntax like Status:Urgent, Status:Non-urgent you can create tags that can be quick switched from Urgent to Semi-urgent by clicking the tags in the UI instead of needing to open a task or item editor.

Inclus is known to be a top-of-the-class participatory assessment tool, but it is now safe to say that the Task Manager as well is on par when it comes to participatory and visual features.

”Our development team has been on fire for the past two months! I’m amazed by how much work we have been able to do, and I am deeply grateful to be able to work with such dazzling skilled colleagues.” Törmänen excitedly describes the recent development advancements.

Inclus 4.9 is a big release that could easily qualify as a “5.0” release instead – but we have even more ambitious plans in store for the Autumn. Please look forward to what we have in store in the latter half of the year!


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