Release 4.8 – task tags and new answer notifications

Inclus Release 4.8

Release 4.8 comes with a set of task updates, task tagging, plus new notification types about new answer data, visualization updates and login improvements.

Tagging risk controls in the Task Manager for more efficient risk mitigation

Release 4.8 adds the possibility to tag tasks on the Task Manager page to describe the risk treatment controls in more detail. For instance, enabling you to tag risks according to risk treatment measures such as avoid, transfer, accept or share risks. Or why not add risk urgency or priority tags for the risk management tasks.

Check out the tutorial video and start using task tags in your own risk management process:

Task Manager Excel export

You can now download the task manager page as an excel file. Filter the tasks in the Tasks Manager page as you like, then download the table as an xlsx with a click of a button.

Get notifications for new answer data

You can now subscribe for email notifications about new answer data. Follow more closely when answers are submitted in your risk identification and assessment sessions. If you are the contact person for the project, you will automatically receive notifications for that project. You can also subscribe to other project notifications.

See how to set up the notifications for your project:


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