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"We manage risks with Inclus according to our values – together and better. With Inclus we can efficiently involve a large group of experts in a project's risk management. Thus, we can more easily translate words into action. The buyer of the construction project is the real winner, for the experts' time is valued and saved from the organisation of risk assessment to more productive actions, which take the project forward."

Liisa Jäätvuori


”Inclus' tools have helped to significantly reduce the time spent on the preparation of the workshop. We have been able to cut out the stages of operations related to the preparations, running the workshop, and the reporting. The quality of planning has increased as we have engaged representatives of clients, end-users, and stakeholders in multiple  phases of the project. From the pre-planning to the introduction, we have obtained diverse perspectives that help us reach our goals. In addition, commitment of the stakeholders to the successful implementation of projects has improved. Actively recognizing diverse perspectives while reinforcing common understanding are critical in multi-stage projects.”

Jukka Rautiainen


"It is a pleasure working with the multi-talented personnel at Inclus. They are driven by innovative and agile attitude and competence. With Inclus it's easy to interactively solve the complex challenges faced by our society."

Mika Hänninen

My Cashflow

"The prioritization and planning of software development is a big challenge for us. With Inclus' participatory software, we managed to gather all the priorities of the most important stakeholder groups into one dynamic picture. Therefore, we were able to form clear development priorities for our software. We are going to use their services in the future too and we warmly recommend them for any similar challenges."

Ismo Ruotsalainen

Elisa Videra

"Inclus' time and place independent collaborative tools have made it possible for our whole staff to conveniently participate in remote workshops where complex strategic choices and joint analysis were discussed. The staff and management appreciated the process which both challenged and confirmed strategic choices."

Pasi Mäenpää


"The participatory anticipation process was a success, thanks to Inclus' careful preparation and flexible cooperation. The complex operational environment analysis was conducted successfully and in a straightforward manner. All in all, Inclus' service was of high-quality.

Raimo Mäenpää


”Inclus' expertise in participatory processes and providing complex analyses is top class. Inclus carried out a complex process very efficiently. As a result of a year-long process, we obtained useful insights that are being implemented all the time. I warmly recommend them and their tools for demanding analysis and decision-making processes.” 

Sami Aherva

Finnish Defence Forces

”The software have sped-up, systematized, and simplified the comprehension of the current stage of the organizations’ operating systems. The software enables a high-quality analysis and visual communication of the results. The software helps respondents to clarify their own thinking, which helps us to focus on pressing matters and proivde a clear improvement plan for quality operations to our partners, all while engaging managers, experts, and employees. The use of the software easily meets the requirements of the UN and EU regarding continuous development and commitment individuals that is set in ISO9001:2015. Overall, we are very satisfied with the support and the services of Inclus."

Jukka-Pekka Schroderus


”It is vital for Elisa to utilise its staff’s views in different kinds of planning and decision-making processes. Inclus’ methods and tools enabled this in a very effective and substantive manner. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Inclus and with the results we gained from the process together.”

Tapio Turunen

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

“The assessments and ponderings of our staff are key information when we update our strategy. Without Inclus' tools, it would have been extremely difficult to get our personnel to participate in the strategy process with such depth and efficiency. We received plenty of useful open comments and a clear picture of the state of our current strategy. The analysis succeeded excellently. Inclus was very flexible and it was great to be able to tailor their assessment tool to fit our needs.”

Willy Toiviainen

Crisis Management Initiative

“Inclus’ ability to clarify complex contexts in an understandable way helps conflict parties reach common decisions. Their methods enable human interaction in a way that provides the parties with an ability to approach their most significant issues from a new perspective. Inclus is able to flexibly adjust their technical approach to changes in our operation environment when the situation requires. Their carefully planned preparation allows to us concentrate on the most relevant issues. I am very pleased with the results we have reached in cooperation with Inclus.”

Dr. Ville Brummer

Peace Brokering

"Mikaeli Langinvainio has been a valued colleague and active in developing CMI's work through his innovative thinking and creative ideas. Juha Törmänen has showed genuine commitment and skills towards developing CMI's expertise in methods and tools. I warmly recommend them both for any similar tasks.”

Presidentti Martti Ahtisaari
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