Make better decisions and more reliable risk assessments

The Inclus tools enable better quality on design and risk management for the construction industry. Furthermore, the tools enhance the participatory process, which saves you time and money. With Inclus, the risk assessments are more reliable, and the high-quality visualisations reduce misunderstandings. The tools allow you to create models for cooperation development, as well as project success measurement.
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Esimerkki Inclusin riskienhallintatyökalusta
Reliability for risk assessments
Situational picture
Involve in planning
Utilise expertise
Speed up decision-making
Document participation
Esimerkki Inclusin käytöstä evaluoinnissa
Utilise tacit knowledge
Learn the lessons
Achieve goals
Esimerkki Inclusin käytöstä yhteistoiminnassa
Manage entities
Resolve challenges

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Case example: Sweco
Risk management & planning

Transparency and reliability to decision making with Inclus

Sweco is a leading expert company in design and consulting, employing 2,500 people in Finland. Sweco’s experts design the cities of tomorrow, as well as a more sustainable society. As a result of their work, safe and healthy buildings, efficient infrastructure, and sustainable energy and water management solutions are created.

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inforglobe for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inforglobe's Inclus tool in several different projects.

Customer feedback

What our customers say

"Inforglobe's service and participatory software allows us to be assured, that in our risk management we consider multiple views. This improves the quality of the risk management culture and procedures."
"It is a pleasure working with multi-talented Inforglobe personnel. They are innovative and flexible. Inforglobe offers an interactive way to resolve the complex challenges faced by the society."
"The participatory anticipation process was a success, thanks to Inforglobe's careful preparation and flexible cooperation. The complex operational environment analysis was conducted successfully and in a straightforward manner. All in all, Inforglobe's service was of high-quality.
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