Scenario planning

Energize your staff to easily identify and prepare for scenarios that matter to your business - build a better understanding of the future based on data.

Scenario planning helps to foresee impacts on demanding and dynamic business operating environments. Scenario planning is not only valuable, but necessary: never has uncertainty been as high as it has been today. For an individual, it is almost impossible to comprehend all the factors required to plan effectively.

When you operate in a complex environment, you cannot live by a single plan: the risk that it is incorrect is more likely than ever before. Therefore, you need plans that you have prepare for several scenarios. When you conduct this process, your actionable plans improve, and individuals are empowered and better equipped to react under change. It is easier and quicker to allocate resources to where they are required.

Inclus helps you to conduct collaborative scenario planning by identifying relevant scenarios, assessing their impacts, and managing risks. Using Inclus’ tools, it’s easy to participate in effective scenario planning through a simple, intuitive, and engaging processes. When you consult widely and gather data from an active group of participants, your planning and resilience improves across the board.

For example, Inclus was trusted to facilitate the 2020 Kultaranta Talks, hosted by President Sauli Niinistö and led by Risto Siilasmaa, which assessed the major impacts of COVID 19 on the economy. With only limited time for inputs, discussions, and outputs, Inclus provided a platform which gathered, categorized, and rated risks based on their short- and long-term impacts, the severity of the impact, and what could be done to mitigate it.

Inclus makes it easy to engage board members, management, and experts within your own organization. Using Inclus means that you can internally assess business impacts without needing external consultants, effectively leveraging your own organization’s expertise.

Inclus’ visual data presentation facilitates time-saving discussions, where you can plan for different scenarios, validate your company’s direction, as well as your strategic decisions. Give your staff the confidence to act in any scenario and influence the outcome together, rather than being a passenger.

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Benefits of Inclus in scenario planning

Examples of scenario planning

Transparency and reliability to decision making with Inclus

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inclus for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inclus' tools in several different projects.

Risk management, participatory decision-making, and efficient measurement of cooperation in alliance projects

The partnership between Skanska and Inclus began in 2017, and this cooperation has since covered three major construction projects. The first joint project was the Valtari alliance, after which was the Ahvenisto hospital project Assi, and the latest cooperation has been the OYS2030 Future hospital project of Oulu University Hospital.
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