Webinar 28.4.2022: Effective and inclusive risk management with ISO 31000

Effective and inclusive risk management with ISO 31000

Our webinar on Thursday 28.4.2022 at 13:00 CEST gives you an introduction to the ISO 31000 risk management guidelines. In the webinar we focus particularly on the 8 principles of risk management and the inclusive process featured in ISO 31000 – enabling organisation's to develop and implement more effective risk management.

Webinar agenda

  • Introduction to the core elements of ISO 31000 (Principles, Framework, Process)
  • The benefits of inclusive risk management
  • Practical tips for implementing effective and inclusive risk management
  • Q & A

Webinar topic: Effective and inclusive risk management with ISO 31000
Time: Thursday 28.4.2022 at 13:00-14:00 (CEST)
Language: English
Audience: Risk managers and business leaders who are interested in developing their organisation's risk management process.
Location: Microsoft Teams, the webinar will be recorded.

Webinar presenter

Mikaeli Langinvainio

Founder and CEO, Inclus Ltd
Mikaeli Langinvainio is the founder and CEO of Inclus Ltd. He has an extensive background in both international conflict management and enterprise risk management in complex operational environments.

ISO 31000 risk management guidelines

ISO 31000 offers practical guidelines for developing and implementing effective and systematic risk management. ISO 31000 is customizable to different organisation's and their varying risk management needs. The guidelines can be applied both to enterprise risk management and project risk management as well as more specific use cases within risk management.

  • ISO 31000:2018 is developed and published by The International Organization for Standardization, ISO
  • Designed for risk management professionals
  • Offers guidelines for adopting effective risk management activities and processes in organisations
  • Consists of three core elements for risk management: Principles, Framework, and Process


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