Webinar 30.8.2022: R&D status update – Latest Task Manager features

In this Finnish-speaking webinar we introduce you to the latest updates to the Task Manager in Inclus. We also share news about upcoming development items. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, August 30th at 15:00. Welcome!

Inclus customer success team's Valtteri Frantsi and Matias Sarvanne present the latest updates and new features in our Task Manager. Additionally, they will tell you more about our development roadmap and upcoming new features.

Webinar agenda

  1. Overview of recent development items
  2. The latest Task Manager features
    1. Task suggestions in questionnaires and batch-adding tasks
    2. Task Manager GANTT-chart i.e. visual timeline
    3. Sub-tasks and task tagging
    4. Manual reminders
    5. Assigning risk owners
  3. Autumn's development roadmap
  4. R&D questions and comments from the participants


Valtteri Frantsi

Head of Customer Success

Matias Sarvanne

Customer Success Specialist

Webinar topic: Inclus R&D Status update – Latest Task Manager features
Time: Tuesday, August 30th at 15:00-15:45 (Helsinki, EET)
Language: Finnish
Audience: Inclus' customers and users (admins and contact persons)
Location: Microsoft Teams, the webinar will be recorded.


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