The inclusive risk management software

Inclus is an inclusive risk management software that allows you to engage personnel and stakeholders to a continuous and effective risk management process.

Identify, assess and control your organization's enterprise risks and complex project risks. 

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Identifying risks

Identifying risks is collaborative and streamlined. Tap into your personnel's knowledge to ensure that relevant risks are identified.

Assessing risks

Easily analyze and prioritize risks with interactive visualizations. Conduct versatile risk comparisons and create clear and insightful reports.

Active mitigation

Create and assign risk mitigation measures and monitor their progress.

Project risk management

Streamline your organization's risk management process

  • Participating in risk identifications and assessments is straightforward and intuitive.
  • Multiple automated phases in a typically cumbersome risk management process.
  • Actively gather knowledge from your personnel and achieve a better understanding of relevant risks.
  • Risks are easily analyzed and prioritized with dynamic visualizations.
  • Manage difference of opinion constructively and actively control your organization's risks.

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